Montrouis Medical Trip

Although Operation HOPE has taken a couple of smaller fact-finding and leadership trips to see our Haitian partners over the last 18 months, September 14-22 will be our first full-scale medical mission since December, 2011. As it stands right now, our founder Dr. Thomas will be traveling down to Montrouis, Haiti with a large team of medical professionals including surgeons, nurses, PA's and anesthesiologists. In addition to the medical team, Operation HOPE may be sending a team of community volunteers to work with the New Vision orphanage and micro-economic programs.

Thanks to new partnerships that New Vision Ministry has made with a clinic in Montrouis, our teams will operate in one of the nicest medical facilities in the country and provide the highest level of care available to the Haitian people in that region. In order to provide the highest level of care in a short amount of time, the staff at New Vision will help us by selecting surgical candidates before our medical team gets to Haiti. Once our team is on the ground, there will be one day of consultation to ensure that we can perform the needed procedures and then our medical staff will spend the rest of their trip caring for the sick.

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New Vision Ministries has gone through a number of changes over the last few months and we are honored to have been given the chance to walk with them through these changes and to act as a support as they rediscover what God is calling them to do in Haiti. If you would like to read more about New Vision, the work that's being done, and the changes being made in Haiti, Make sure to visit

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