Long Island Hoop Challenge

Operation HOPE will be headed back to Long Island July 26 - August 3 to partner once again withFreedom Chapel International in Amityville, NY. We will be volunteering with Freedom Chapel for their annual Long Island Hoop Challenge - a program designed to target at-risk children and youth and teach them basketball and edifying life skills.


"At Hoop Challenge, Campers are challenged to resist the lure of drugs and alcohol, and are encouraged to pursue their education, God given purpose and dreams. Some of the campers who have been with us since their early teens are now being recruited by Division One Colleges for their basketball programs. We had appearances by top University and NBA coaches as well as accomplished basketball players," says Jimmy Jack, pastor of Freedom Chapel International.

img 8099We first partnered Jimmy Jack and Freedom Chapel back in December 2012 when we helped with Hurricane Sandy cleanup as well as the Freedom Kids Christmas Celebration. We are thankful to be a part of such a great ministry right here in the US. 

Although labor laws and construction requirements make it somewhat difficult to directly assist with the rebuilding of Long Island after the hurricane, there are no limitations on how far we can go to encourage and support the individuals who have been affected.

In addition to working at the Long Island Hoop Challenge, Operation HOPE will be purchasing school supplies for kids living on Long Island. The 2013-2014 school-year is just around the corner and there are thousands of kids on Long Island whose famillies may not be able to afford the purchase of next year's school supplies. Although it would be nice to take supplies direcly to the kids there, It makes much more sense to bring along money so we can buy the supplies right there in New York. Not only does this cut down on the amount of supplies we'll be taking with us, but it also gives us the chance to invest the funds directly into the local economy. 

To Learn more about Freedom Chapel International and the Long Island Hoop Challenge, make sure to visit http://www.freedomchapelny.org.

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