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A few days ago, Barb Bouma, a friend of ours who has done alot to help the efforts of Operation HOPE sent an email to all of her friends letting them know just what they can do to help those in need in Haiti. Barb stays in touch with the Reeves family of New Vision Ministries and was able to get a very comprehensive list of the things they need to continue to operate as they have. Below is a copy of her email, and I pray that each person who reads this will be able to help out in some way. If you are able to contribute, please call our offices at (806) 793-HOPE to schedule an appointment to drop the items off. Thank you so much for your support, and God Bless! Dear friends, family and neighbors,As most of you know, I joined 16 other 'missionaries' and spent a week in Haiti a few months ago.  It was an amazing week and I think all of us agree that our lives are forever changed.While there, we worked alongside a missionary family, Kerry & Joy Reeves and their children who live in Montrouis, about 1 1/2 hours north of Port Au Prince.  We all were so inspired by them and the work they are doing there.  They are 'the real deal'!  Ministering to, living amongst, working alongside the Haitian people.  They encourage, accept, and love these precious people with the goal of training up Christian leaders in their community for the kingdom of God.  It's not often easy with many obstacles along the way, but, they remain faithful and continue to serve.  Check out their blog at newvisionhaiti.blogspot.com to learn more about them and what they're doing there.They have a mission (orphanage) with 16 full-time children and staff living there.  They are in need of clothing and supplies for them.One of the areas of ministry for them is a refugee camp in Montrouis.  There are about 17 widows (from the quake) and their children who live in this makeshift village.  He has been encouraging them to become independent, teaching them life skills and helping them to start their own small business.  While we were there, we each "adopted" a family.  We were encouraged to pray for them and try to meet some of their physical needs if possible.  My family is the mother Dorisa and her two children.  Here's a photo of Dorisa, her two yr old son and I.  Her 12 yr old daughter was at school at the time.  Dorisa would like to start a business of renting out wedding dresses and men's dress clothes.  More about that below. Here's why I'm contacting you.......Operation Hope www.operationhopeusa.org has another team of 'missionaries' going back to Haiti on the 20th of June.  The team will consist of both doctors, nurses, and non-medical personnel.  Our son Brent and his wife JuLea will be part of this team.  When the team travels there, they bring two suitcases; one for themselves and one of supplies to use/leave there.  I have been in contact with the Reeves and below are some of their most pressing needs. If you can help with any of these items please do! Operation HOPE will need them by Friday, June 10.  Medical:- IV start packs- empty pill bottles- Tums, rolaids, tylenol,vitamins and ibuprofen Mission/Orphanage:Jamoy - age 15  Size 14/16 or men's medium  Shoe size 10Adelson - age 16  Size 14/16 or mens small (tall and slim)  shoe size 11Kobe - age 17 size 14/16 or mens small shoe 6 1/2 - 7  (has club feet)Jean Patrick - age 10 size 7/8  shoe size 6Sonson - age 7 size 5/6 shoe size 11Daniel - age 5  size 5/6 shoe size 10Michelet - age 4 size 3T/4T needs button up shirts (has hydrocephalus)Stevenson - age 2 size 18-24 mo  shoe size 3-4Franso - age 5 size 4T/4 shoe size 7-8Wilna - age 10 size 10-12 shoe size 5 womens  (needs a training bra)Naika - age 7 size 7-8 petite shoe size 12 1/2-1Kimberly - age 4 size 3T-4T shoe size 8-9Katina - age 5 size 5-6 shoe size 10-11Jefnika - age 2 size 2T  shoes size 4Nakisha - age 21mo. size 18-24 months  shoe size 3-4Alinda - age 6 size 5-6 shoe size 11-12All kids are ok on play clothes.  Boys need more shorts than shirts.  They could all use a belt, underwear, socks, bathing suit and a church outfit. From Joy:  "We say thanks to all in advance and are so thankful for all that Operation Hope does for us."ant trapssmall sewing kitsSwiffer wetjet with refills Refugee Camp:Since weddings and funerals are a very important part of their culture, and very few have the 'proper' clothing for these events, Dorisa would like to start her own clothing rental business.  She would rent out wedding gowns for the women and dress clothes for the men.  I would LOVE to be able to send several suitcases with the team in June to get her started.- Wedding dresses in white or off white- white long sleeved men's dress shirts- men's black dress pants- ties  (dark or black preferable)- black men's dress shoes- vests (dark or black preferable) Another business some of the widows would like to start is selling cosmetics.  So they would need supplies such as:    - cosmetics (all shapes and sizes)- travel size shampoos, etc you can get from hotels- money bag or box with lock for those selling anything at market                      Reeves Family:- Poptarts, cereal for kids, granola cereal for Joy- shampoo, conditioner- detangler for their daughters (two with beautiful, long blonde hair)- diapers size 3-4Do you have any old suitcases that can travel to Haiti and stay there?  We need them!So, thank you for your time, consideration and possible donations!Barb 

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