It's Like Going Home Again

At this point it would be hard to follow Operation HOPE and not be aware of the fact that we've put a very large focus on working with those in need in the nation of Haiti. Since 2010, we have been partnered with New Vision Ministries in Montrouis Haiti to provide medical aid, community support, and education to thousands across the nation of Haiti. 

Every time we go to Haiti, we are met with new obstacles, new opportunities, and the chance to make an even greater impact on the Haitian people. We will once again be heading down to Montrouis December 10 - 16, and we are thrilled for yet another chance to serve. Although previous trips have consisted of a handful of volunteers in addition to doctors, this trip will be focused on the medical aspect of what Operation HOPE does. Although the primary goal for Dr. Thomas and a group of 5-10 medical professionals will be to provide medical and surgical support for as many Haitians people as possible, I will be checking in on a few of the ministries you have helped us support and I'll hopefully have the opportunity to show the folks back home the difference that is being made.

During our last trip to Haiti, we had hoped to get some footage and photos of the schools operated by New Vision, but seeing as how it was summertime, kids were on summer break. This time, however kids will be right in the middle of the school year and hopefully, we'll be able to show you the impact that your donations are making to 1,500 children across the nation of Haiti. You may also recall an article a few weeks ago regarding $11,000 that Operation HOPE invested into the fishing ministry run by New Vision. We're so excited to show you the specific needs that $11,000 has met and share with you the impact it has made on the lives of those involved with the fishing ministry.

Please keep Operation HOPE, New Vision Ministries, and everyone involved in this trip in your prayers. We know that we are blessed and protected and that as long as we keep our focus on loving God and caring for His children, His will will be done in all that we put our hands to. Thank you so much for your support, and God Bless.

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