Haiti October 2014 (Update)

*Trip Update*

IMG 0231We are proud to report that we had yet another very successful trip to Haiti. As mentioned previously, this was primarilly a fact-finding endeavor and an effort for Operation HOPE to maintiain existing reltionships as well as build new ones with new and potential partners. Of course, although we didn't bring a medical team with us, we were still able to bring over 1000lbs of supplies and eqipment to our missionary partners in Haiti. We were able to visit with Stephen & Autumn Byxbe with the Together We Can Haiti, Pastor Gerard Cesar, Kelsea & Philipson Georges, and a few other new partners with whom we hope to work in the future. 

While spending time with Pastor Cesar, we were once again given the privilege of visiting a few of the many schools we support down in Haiti where 1500 children receive Christian education, food, and clothing on a daily basis. After visiting these schools for a few years now, it's encouraging to see that most of the teachers there at the beginning are still there committing their time and efforts towards educating these wonderful kids.

 IMG 0227

We're excited about some of the new connections we were able to make and look forward to exploring those opportunities further as we continue our work in Haiti. Thanks for all of your prayers and God Bless!


Dr t surgery picOperation HOPE will be headed back to Haiti October 23-28 to check in and work with the various partners and friends we have in Port Au Prince, Montrouis, and Saint Marc. This will be our 2nd time to travel to Haiti this year and we will also be exploring a number of new, exciting opportunities for us to expand the medical support we've offered for nearly 5 years in Haiti.


In addition to the medical fact-finding that will be going on, We will be bringing a small team of volunteers to help with the Agape House Orphanage which now houses the children previously living at the Celebration Children's Home run by New Vision Ministries.

This will be Operation HOPE's 12th trip to Haiti since the earthquake of 2010. Although we've expanded our circle of support to include missions in the New York as well as right here in the South Plains, we have no intention of slowing down with the work that God has given us to do in Haiti.

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Thank you for your continued support and please pray that God protects the team going and helps us to be effective and efficient in our ministry in Haiti.

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