Haiti 2015

Operation HOPE just returned from our latest trip to Haiti, and we're happy to say that it was another great success!

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This year, we connected with Lubbock Dentist, Dr. Kelly Robinson to uncover opportunities for dentists to help our friends in Haiti. We noticed in the past that although there were a handful of doctors and optometrists in Haiti, there didn't seem to be very many dentists. Dr Robinson initially contacted Operation HOPE on behalf of TeethSavers, a Lubbock organization created to teach children and educators simple, inexpensive dental techniques in order to prevent future infections of their bodies. 

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The initial plan was for Dr. Robinson to do a short fact-finding trip to uncover future opportunities, however during the planning, we realized that this would also be the perfect time to provide some dental education to many of our ministry parters there in Haiti.

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Over the course of 5 days, Dr. Robinson, her husband Wesley, and their 2 boys were able to provide invaluable dental education and hand out free toothbrushes to over 1000 peoeple in Haiti. Without a doubt, this was a huge success, and we're thrilled to have been given the chance to share with so many people. Dr. Robinson also provided free check-ups for 40 people and was able to clean a lot of teeth as well as extract a few that needed to come out. In the future, we plan to bring a mobile dental unit with us so we can do even more dental work while we're there.

While in Haiti, we were able to connect with many of our ministry partners in order to check in on how things are going as well as bring them valuable supplies and encouragement. Dr. Thomas also had the opportunity to preach in two different church services with our dear friend, Pastor Cesar as his interpreter.

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We're excited to see what the future holds for the work we are doing in Haiti and are blessed to build new connections and relationships each time we go. Thank you for your prayers and support!

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