Battling ISIS

peshmerga and flagThough he's never been trained in military strategy or combat, our founder is doing his part to combat the advances of ISIS in Iraq. He's not fighting back with guns or diplomacy though, he's fighting back with healing.

Dr. Thomas returned on November 23 from a 10 day trip to Iraq where he worked together with Kurdish doctors to perform surgeries on wounded soldiers and civilians as a result of ISIS attacks. So far millions of people have fled parts of Iraq and Syria as a result of ISIS advances and nearly 800,000 have fled to the city of Duhok in Northern Kurdistan where Dr. Thomas works and has close relationships.

Dr. Thomas wasn't just there to for medical purposes though, he also went to be the hands and feet of Christ and to share his faith and the love of Christ with those suffering from these attacks. yazidi refugees

"We forget how hard it is for them," said Dr. Thomas. "Alot of them didn't choose to be Christians there. Alot of them didn't choose to be Yzidis there, but the persecution there is purely based on somebody picking you out and saying 'Today is not your day.' . . . Alot of times, the people just want to be heard. They just want someone who will hear what they have to say. Many of them are Christians so knowing that I am a fellow Christian from America, I wanted to share with them that same faith."

city of Duhok kurdish children refugee clothing

Karin McCay with KCBD here in Lubbock was kind enough to discuss the trip with Dr. Thomas and provide us with a video of the interview at the bottom of this article.

Thank you all so much for your continued prayers and support as we work together to be a Healing Outreach to People Everywhere!


KCBD NewsChannel 11 Lubbock


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