An Answered Prayer

A couple of months ago, I posted an article on asking for educators who would be willing to travel to Haiti and volunteer for the entire 2011-2012 school year. There was a YWAM school in the town of Saint Marc that was at risk of shutting down due to a lack of educators. When we originally posted the article there hadn't been much interest in the position and YWAM and New Vision Ministries were understandably concerned that the missionaries across Haiti might have to find alternative methods by which to educate their children. Although Dr. Kerry with New Vision had every reason to worry about the education of his children, he showed incredible faith when I spoke with him at the mission during our trip in June. He told me, as he has said many times before and since, "We'll do our part to put the opportunity out there and we'll just see what God does."

I am thrilled to report that God not only provided YWAM and New Vision with educators, but He provided them with four additional teachers to help out in the school. Our dear friend Bree Bouma with an organization called IMPACT(International Mission Project and Cross-cultural Training) was able to round up a group of six wonderful young ladies who have committed the next nine months of their lives to teaching and serving the people of Haiti.

We would like to give a HUGE Thank You to Bree for coordinating all of this and for partnering with us and New Vision Ministries to provide an opportunity for these wonderful children to receive that type of education they need. To keep up with all that Bree is doing in Haiti and around the world for the Kingdom of God, please check out her website and make sure to send her an email to say thanks for the awesome job she's done.

We would also like to say thanks to EliseAmberKelseaNikkiShala, and Lindsey for listening to the voice of God and investing nine months into the lives of these people to further God's Kingdom. These young ladies truly are living out Mark 16:15 - "He said to them, "Go into all the world and preach the good news to all creation," (NIV) and we hope you will join with us in praying the God deeply blesses them for their sacrifice. You can also keep up with each one of these young ladies by clicking here or by clicking on their names up above.

Thanks again to everyone involved and God Bless Haiti!

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